The idea for Sun Bleached came after years of working with swim brands as a photographer. I saw what was missing in the industry and wanted to create comfortable swimsuits that were practical, but not boring. 
I've always loved art and taking photos of my friends. Combining the two created a perfect excuse to start a swimwear brand. The models you see in our photos are almost always real girls I know personally! 
Whether you need it to stay put during surf lessons or blend seamlessly with your brunch fit, our bikinis are the perfect travel companion.
We celebrate the girls with wild hair, salty skin, and sun kissed souls. We're not about living life on the sidelines, and we hope our bikinis inspire you to play in the waves and romanticize your life.
We love watching our Sun Bleached girls take us around the world, bringing an endless summer with them wherever they go.
xx Heather