Created for the girls with wild hair, salty skin, & sun kissed souls.

The idea for Sun Bleached came after years of working with swim brands as a photographer. I saw what was missing in the industry and wanted to create comfortable, minimalist yet stylish swimsuits that stayed put while surfing and traveling. I also noticed a lack of diversity both in color and body shapes when it came to models. Brands would often turn down the models I suggested because they didn’t fit the box.

I've always loved art and taking photos of my friends. Combining the two created a perfect excuse to start a swimwear brand. The models you see in our photos are almost always real girls I know personally! 

The Sun Bleached lifestyle is always salty, sandy, and living out of a suitcase. Even when we're not at the beach, we bring the sunshine vibes with us wherever we go. 

We celebrate women who share our love of travel, style, and endless summers.

xx Heather


Our swim & apparel are manufactured in an ethical facility in Indonesia. Workers are paid a living wage and in a safe working environment. We have a personal relationship with the people who make our swimsuits. Factory tour coming soon!


As Sun Bleached grows, we will continue to make steps towards sustainability. As this is an ongoing journey, we appreciate your patience as we learn and expand!

We avoid waste by producing only small batches at a time and restocking based on demand. Our swimwear is made from recycled post and pre consumer plastics as well as recycled ocean waste. Our suits don’t include removable cups which often end up being tossed, ruined, or wasted. Everything is shipped in a light-weight mailer that can be composted at home. Swimwear is packaged in compostable garment bags.